All-Star Students Attend All-Star Performances

ASAS | 9 January 2024

Did you know that less than 10% of our All-Stars have been to a live performance of any kind? Or, that exposing kids to the arts promotes the development of vital social skills, creativity, and emotional expression?

After-School All-Stars Philadelphia & Camden is constantly working to bring the arts to our students. In fact, Visual and Performing Arts is one of the five content areas in which After-School All-Stars focuses our programming. This component plays a vital role in helping our youth self-express, gain confidence, build empathy, and explore social justice, race, and equity.

Art serves as an outlet for emotion, helping students process both positive and negative events in their lives. ASAS also teaches students how to use art to present their thoughts and feelings to others. Recently, our All-Stars at three different schools have been a part of three live performances, one coming from our very own students!

Conwell Students Attend the Ballet
Before students went on their holiday break, All-Stars from Conwell Middle Magnet School took a field trip to attend a live performance of The Nutcracker Ballet at The Academy of Music. The show was mesmerizing, and it was many of the kids’ first time seeing a ballet or live performance. It was a truly magical experience for our All-Stars, and for the adults seeing their faces as they took in the beautiful show. After the conclusion, the students were excitedly sharing their favorite scenes and discussing their favorite characters with ASAS staff and fellow All-Stars.

Students at Thomas G. Morton School Perform Live
The All-Stars at Thomas G. Morton School recently put on a dazzling winter showcase. All-Stars from 2nd to 5th grades performed a live song and dance, leaving the crowd smiling and cheering. Many All-Stars even had their own special moment as they strutted and danced down the auditorium aisle one at a time, getting individual recognition from their parents and peers. It was clear that the students were having fun and felt proud of the work they had been putting into their songs and dances.

Blaine All-Stars see The BFG
Finally, the All-Stars from James G. Blaine School went to a live performance of Roald Dahl’s The B.F.G. (The Big Friendly Giant) by the Arden Theatre Company. According to ASAS Program Manager Nia Slater-Bookhart, “Many students shared that they have never experienced going to a theatre to see a play. As soon as they entered the theatre and saw the set, they were blown away.” The actors provided enriching and memorable performances for our All-Stars. The students left the theatre still fondly discussing what they had seen, some saying they wanted to become actors themselves!

The arts are an invaluable part of education. As Slater-Bookhart explains, “Art promotes cultural awareness, diversity appreciation, and an appreciation for the world around them.” ASAS Philadelphia & Camden is proud to help students access art in new and exciting ways and is overjoyed at the opportunities given by these three experiences.