Meet Jahmel

“I’ve never flown on a plane before.” -Jahmel Banks, ASAS YABBIE

Jahmel Banks, Case Elementary Middle School All-Star, was invited to attend ASLU as a first time YABBIE. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but he was excited to meet other All-Star students from across the country. Jahmel made friends from the start and participated fully in each seminar, especially during the Project We class. The leaders of this specific class asked each All-Star to tap into their passion to create a service project to implement in their community when they arrive back home. When Jahmel was asked what his passion was, he stated, “I’m passionate about helping people, which is why I want to help the homeless in my community.” He is eager to take the next steps for putting his plan into action in Cleveland. During Jahmel’s reflection time, when asked what stood out to him during the ASLU trip, Jahmel answered “It gave me a good feeling. I can go somewhere else and make a difference.”