Turning Schools Around in Texas

Edward H. Cary Middle School has advanced in their journey to provide a well-rounded education to their students with the help of After-School All-Stars North Texas (ASAS North Texas). Cary Middle School was once identified as an “Improvement Required” school by the state, so the need for student support was imperative. ASAS North Texas launched at Cary Middle School in 2014. Working closely with the principal, ASAS set out on a mission to partner with the school’s academic staff to improve overall student performance. The school had experienced significant turnover in leadership and faculty and needed a partner to engage and develop students through enrichment.

Since ASAS North Texas launched at the school and worked closely with teachers and staff to provide students with more than academic support after school, Edward H. Cary Middle School has since then left their “Improvement Required” status. ASAS North Texas made sure to provide a sense of continuity with their student’s time at school. Taken seriously by the site coordinator and program staff, they worked closely with teachers to familiarize themselves with each student’s needs. This collaboration has allowed for a strong partnership to emerge between school and ASAS North Texas program staff.

Through continued collaboration, ASAS North Texas works with the school administration to ensure the partnership goals are aligned to extend school day learning and deepen student social and emotional learning. Both ASAS and the school staff communicate proactively to provide students with the necessary skills for moving successfully through middle school and beyond.

Teachers at Cary Middle School offer targeted afterschool tutoring for students that need it. This allows ASAS North Texas to focus on providing additional enrichment programs that bring students more skill-building experiences.