Investing Time and Love in Students and Schools

“At ASAS NJ, we pour a lot of love into our students,” says ASAS New Jersey Executive Director, Nicole Harris. “Our staff understand what our students need to learn, grow, and develop the skills to be strong, successful leaders. After all, all ASAS NJ staff grew up in local urban communities in and surrounding Newark. We see ourselves in our students and are deeply committed to keeping them safe and healthy, so they can succeed in life.”

Our Sites:

  • 13th Avenue Elementary/MLK Renew School
  • Achieve Charter School
  • Camden Elementary School
  • George Washington Carver/Bruce Street Elementary School
  • Marion Bolden Center

We invest in our youth…

  • ASAS works with our school partners to offer academic support to increase students’ grade level achievements. This past year, our students at GWC/Bruce Street Elementary School with the highest need of support, were given additional tutoring support from ASAS staff, and improved to grade-level proficiency on school and state assessments.
  • ASAS build two brand-new Makerspaces for our 13th Avenue and Camden Street schools. Both Makerspaces are equipped with 3-D Tech Centers, Hydroponic Gardening stations, Science Labs, and Photography and Sound production studios.

For more information on how to partner with ASAS programming, contact Larry Jones, Director of Programs, at [email protected].