Leadership Cohort

In 2018, ASAS North Texas created the Leadership Cohort to provide part-time team members with training and resources to not only be successful in their current roles but prepare for future advancement.

This year, the Cohort’s focus is to learn about all levels of the organization- not just their part of Programs- and increase everyone’s social capital. In our five-part series, our participants will be able to hear from both local and network-wide ASAS staff members, Board Members, and External Partners who will share their experiences with the group.

We dove deeper into Programs last week and are looking forward to hearing about HR, Operations, Development, Marketing, Data/Evaluation, and Events over the next couple months.

Social capital is a priority of ours because the more people we are exposed to, the more information, community resources, and career opportunities we can access. As we discussed in last week’s meeting, we are products of our community, but that does not mean we shouldn’t have access to learn from others around us.

This idea is not only important for our staff, but our students as well. Through our “Career Exploration Initiative,” ASAS works to introduce our All-Stars to people in job fields they may have never considered or even knew was possible.

If you or your organization are interested in talking to our students about your personal career journeys or introducing them to your workplaces, please contact [email protected].