Cody Ko Raises $50,000+ for ASAS

ASAS | 15 June 2023

Cody Ko (short for Kolodziejzyk) is a popular YouTuber and podcaster based in Venice, California. Recently, he supported our Healthy Habits fundraising campaign by pledging to raise $50,000 for After-School All-Stars. The catch? He would inspire donors by spending five months training for a grueling Ironman triathlon, documenting his nutrition tips, workouts, injuries, and occasional shenanigans along the way.

The Healthy Habits campaign ran throughout May, raising funds in support of free after-school programs that incorporate health and wellness activities. The theme of the campaign focused on how after-school enrichment programs support student wellness: mentally, emotionally, and physically.

After experiencing a low point in his life, Cody Ko chose to participate in an Ironman because it would challenge him in all three of these capacities.

“I realized I needed to show up for myself by recommitting to my mental and physical wellness, and I knew the months of intensive training could help with that,” Cody says. “The reason I’m dedicating my efforts to After-School All-Stars is because I want to help more young people across the country have access to safe spaces outside of school hours where they can pursue their own health and wellness journeys.”

A common theme in Cody’s videos is the acknowledgment that this challenge wouldn’t be possible without the time, resources, support, and spaces available to him. He sees After-School All-Stars as a community of dedicated individuals who are helping to meet those needs for students: the mentors, families, school leaders, classroom staff, and everyone behind the scenes.

“I didn’t accomplish the Ironman alone,” says Cody. “My incredible community of online supporters, friends, and family were there to help me along the way—lifting me up when I felt discouraged and motivating me to accomplish my early morning runs, rides, and swims. I want to help students everywhere get that same type of support.”

Cody Ko led by example, donating $10,000 to the Healthy Habits campaign, and—in total—his efforts have raised more than $52,000 for After-School All-Stars!

Did we mention that he pledged to run an additional mile for every $1,000 raised? That would put him at a 50-mile ultramarathon (and change)—but who’s counting?

Thank you, Cody Ko, for being an incredible champion for After-School All-Stars and an inspiration for our students. We deeply appreciate your support, and we look forward to following you on your next wellness adventure!

To relive Cody Ko’s Ironman journey, you can check out @itscodytrains on YouTube or Instagram.

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