Brentwood, Los Angeles 90049  

Hotel Accommodations:
If you are flying into Los Angeles for our event, and are looking for a convenient (and iconic) location to stay, please consider lodging at one of our hotel partners in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills for a great rate. All are wonderful establishments within a reasonable drive to the Governor’s home (Santa Monica being the closest). 

Guests will be required to present photo ID at the entrance to the property and will be verified again by our concierge team upon exiting your vehicle. Please additionally review our enhanced security and safety measures in the Terms and Conditions (see below). Any guest who is not compliant will not be allowed on the premises. Thank you for your cooperation to ensure that we have a fun and safe evening! 

Terms & Conditions:
By registering to attend this event, you agree to the terms and conditions here.

Social Media Policy: 
You agree to engage in social media activity related to your attendance at the event that is respectful and appropriate as determined in the sole opinion of the ASAS parties. You agree that the content of your social media activity related to the event will be limited in scope to you, your guest(s) and the ASAS parties. You are encouraged to celebrate ASAS, Westime and the other brands generously supporting the event on social media. You agree to refrain from any social media activity that may, in the sole opinion of any of the ASAS parties, intrude upon the privacy of the event hosts to describe the event. At the sole discretion of the ASAS parties, the social media policy may be updated at any time and you agree to comply with all addendums as posted and communicated before and during the event. If you are in violation of the policy, you may be asked to cease social media on-site. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the event without possibility of a refund. The ASAS parties reserve the right to flag any social media content for removal that violates this social media policy in the sole opinion of the ASAS parties. 

Dress Code: 
We encourage you to embrace the Oktoberfest theme, including attire! We have selected a few authentic retailers who can ensure you have all the necessary components for a complete outfit. Please ensure that you leave enough time if you have selected a European retailer, as it takes between 2-3 weeks once you have placed your order. Please see our Attire page for more details. 

You’ll have the opportunity to bid on rare and exciting items and experiences in both our live and silent auctions. We will provide details on these special items closer to the event. Please note that guests are responsible for any costs associated with shipping their items post-event.  

Complimentary valet available. Guests using car service will need to provide the names of registered event guests at the property entrance.  

Poker Game: 
Please ensure that you have indicated the guest in your party who will play in the home game, if applicable.