ASAS Philadelphia & Camden offers a wide variety of after-school enrichment activities:

  • Crafty Kids

    Tutoring & Homework Help

    Our qualified staff ensures that each student understands their assignments and helps them to complete their homework on time.
  • STEM & Watershed Education

    Students participate in a variety of hands-on STEM activities like bridge building and science experiments. They are also taught about their environment and how they can impact environmental change.
  • Social Emotional Learning

    These courses give students the tools and vocabulary to resolve conflicts in all areas of their life. SEL focuses on positive youth development, character, and academics.
  • Creative Arts

    Students have the opportunity to flex their creativity through classes such as scriptwriting, drama, dance, as well as hands-on arts & crafts activities like origami and creating holiday decorations.
  • Health & Fitness

    Students are taught the importance of a healthy diet and physical fitness. ASAS offers a variety of fitness classes in addition to classes focused on cooking healthy snacks.


Christopher Pender, Director of Programs & Operations

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