ASAS + FOX Sports Networks


11 million children are alone every day from 3-6 pm. But those after-school hours are a unique time of day to make tremendous impact for our youth. Watch this short video about Olivia, a young person whose life has been impacted by After-School All-Stars’ free, daily program:

After-School All-Stars is a national nonprofit that provides 73,706 youth in 351 schools with free afterschool programs every day from 3-6pm.


Our vision is for our All-Stars to be safe and healthy, to graduate high school and go to college, to find careers they love and then give back to their communities.

As Olivia says, “ASAS patched holes in my heart that needing patching.”

In addition, FOX Sports Networks has been a true partner in supporting health and fitness as well as career exploration opportunities for our kids. We are truly thankful for the partnership and for all the employees who have engaged with our youth and shared their paths to career success.