TEAMWORK: A New Shade of Strong

All-Stars Color Run

ASAS | Huntington Beach, CA | October 17, 2017

Dazed by the early morning sun, 25 middle schoolers get off a bus in Huntington Beach, unsure of what was to come. They’d traveled to join 200 FitGirls for a “Color Run”, a vibrant and uplifting running event. Color Run creates an experience more about the memories you make than your miles per minute.

Race bibs were handed out, ponytails were sprayed into pastel, rainbow colors, and before they knew it, our All-Stars were off to the races. They ran through colorful dust clouds, and were inspired to create impromptu ASAS+FitGirl chants. This pack of girls and young women bonded as they ran along, arm in arm, feeling the glow of the sun and watching the sky fill with flashes of every hue. After the race, the All-Star girls did some yoga with the FitGirls and everyone left feeling both peaceful and ready to take on the world.

Thank you FitGirls – we heart you!