Philadelphia Camden – Programs

Using a multi-layered intervention model, ASAS Philadelphia & Camden offers a holistic approach to extended-day learning and helps youth develop the necessary life skills (attributes, attitudes, and characteristics) to successfully navigate opportunities and challenges to succeed in school, life, and in their future workplace.  Our All-Stars participate in classes/activities that develop their skills, build their desire for mastery, and increase their levels of engagement.  Research shows that a combination of academics, enrichment activities, and healthy lifestyles improve student achievement significantly more than academics alone.

To best equip our students for success, each hour of our daily, 3pm-6pm program is structured around one these three core pillars:


Academic Readiness centers on a homework (HW) hour designed to build positive academic habits in youth. Our approach includes:

•HW understanding
•Test Prep Support
•Math & Science Enrichment
•Language Arts Enrichment
•Academic strategies


Our Enrichment classes provide children with unique, experiential opportunities to develop extracurricular talents, encourage social-emotional learning, and help them plan for their futures.

health &

Our Health & Fitness initiatives include a variety of programs that keep youth active, inform them of healthy eating habits and nutrition facts, and explore the great outdoors including:

•Competitive Sports
•Recreational Sports
•Active Play
•Cooking, Nutrition, & Gardening
•Social-Emotional Education

We also offer immersive, experiential learning programs such as:

Show your work

The Show Your Work project is a new initiative under the Career Exploration Opportunities (C.E.O.)  program offered by After-School All-Stars Philadelphia & Camden.  The initiative is designed as a 10-week, three-part experience that features a multi-phase learning experience.

Explore: Career exploration of vocational career paths (1-2 weeks)

•Engage: Engaging youth through 6-8 weeks, of project-based learning opportunities including designing, creating, engineering, and/or building projects in partnership with industry partners

•Equip: Students are equipped with both soft and hard career skills and will apply them to final projects or proposed projects that they will present to peers and professionals (1-2 weeks)

Watershed education

ASAS Philadelphia & Camden believes that youth must be active stakeholders in their environment and preserve, protect, and steward their local watersheds, open spaces and parks, reduce pollution and contaminants, while also providing much-needed after-school enrichment and career development opportunities for at-risk middle schoolers. ASAS Philadelphia & Camden has created the Youth Watershed Coalition to promotes youth civic engagement, stewardship of public spaces, and ecological education for underserved low-income middle schoolers in our after-school program. Our programs – taking place at both of our Camden school locations – will actively engage our All-Stars in the future of their city by:

•Giving students full access to educational and recreational opportunities in watershed education

•Teaching our students about water quality issues and the interconnectedness between their daily lives and their environment

•Creating outdoor enthusiasts and the next generation of environmental stewards

For our All-Stars, the outdoors becomes the classroom for environmental science education, creative student-led projects, and neighborhood stewardship.

Funding for the Watershed Education Program comes from the generous support from the William Penn Foundation.

Sports Innovation Initiative

The Sports Innovation Initiative aims to expose ASAS students to any and all sports that interest them using sports-based positive youth development.  Here, sports become a tool to help students gain and grow motor, leadership, interpersonal, and emotional skills in an intentionally structured, engaging, challenging, and safe environment. Research shows that active students report higher grades, lower drop-out rates, and stronger relationships. Including sports in our after-school programming also will create a space for students to develop a sense of physical and emotional safety through caring and supportive adult-youth and youth-youth relationships.

The Sports Innovation Initiative will leverage sport to expand youth physical activity and enhance core competency development, measured through assessments of:   

•Physical activity (with a goal of 5 days/week)  
•Emotion Management and Social-Emotional Learning  
•Intrinsic drive
•Leadership skills

Funding for the Sports Innovation Initiative comes from the generous support from the Harris Family Foundation.