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After-School All-Stars Philadelphia & Camden offers a holistic approach to extended-day learning and helps youth develop the necessary life skills (attributes, attitudes, and characteristics) to succeed in school and beyond.

Our All-Stars participate in activities that develop their skills, build their desire for mastery, and increase their levels of engagement. Research shows that a combination of academics, enrichment activities, and healthy lifestyles improve student achievement significantly more than academics alone.

Our curriculum is structured around five core programs: academic readiness, visual & performing arts, STEM learning, health & wellness, and career exploration. Our All-Stars enjoy watershed education–an immersive, experiential STEM program centered on our local ecosystem.


Academic Readiness at After-School All-Stars includes a homework hour and other activities designed to build positive academic habits in youth.

Activities include:
•homework assistance
•math & science enrichment
•language arts enrichment

visual &
Performing arts

Our Visual & Performing Arts programs play a vital role in helping our youth self-express, gain confidence, build empathy, and explore social justice, race, and equity.

Activities include:
•arts & crafts


Our STEM Learning activities include Watershed Education and learning experiences that promote the “4 Cs” (collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking).

Activities include:
•watershed education
•outdoor learning
•environmental justice

Health &

Our Health & Wellness initiatives include a variety of programs that keep youth active, inform them about nutrition, reinforce healthy eating habits, and explore fitness.

Activities include:
•recreational sports
•active play
•cooking, nutrition, and gardening


Career Exploration programs allow students to explore various jobs, connect with their personal interests, and participate in hands-on experiences to develop skills and acquire industry knowledge.

Activities include:
•explore careers
•field trips and workshops
•engage in hands-on skills