ASAS Work-Life Blend Philosophy

Our Work-Life Blend Philosophy


Here at After-School All-Stars we want our employees to thrive. We understand that trying to keep up with a work-life balance can often feel like a constant struggle. Our philosophy isn’t about making sure we have a work-life balance, but rather, a work-life blend.

Have you ever struggled to find time during the week to take your suit or dress to the dry cleaner? Or missed out on your child’s soccer match? Or wanted to get a manicure during the day? Or needed to pick up your child from school or daycare? These real-life examples happen all the time, which is why After-School All-Stars introduced its  practice of Work-Life Blend.

The work-life blend model allows employees to mold both personal and professional life together that is ideal for you. Personal life events are important, too, and with work-life blend, employees can have a harmonious mix between work and life. You are expected to be overt and transparent about your boundaries and needs, so that you are better able to meet your goals.