New Jersey Zoom Academy


Support the first Virtual Learning program implemented in NJ during COVID-19

We’re experiencing extraordinary times and ASAS NJ responded quickly and efficiently to meet the consistent need of NJ students. March 30, 2020 ASAS NJ successfully implemented an extended online programming model to include our existing programs with additional programs to meet the current need. ASAS NJ is now operating as a full day – Monday through Friday 10am – 5pm educational and pathway creating program via ZOOM Academy.

Our Day-to-Day
Monday–Friday 10am–5pm


  • Virtual Arts: Students engage in online learning to explore creative ideas, that include sewing, fashion design, 3-D art, and dance.

  • Tutoring (various subjects): We offer homework and classwork help to students who are participating in the current online learning standard to ensure they are successful in school especially during this change in academic procedures.

  • Music Engineering: We teach students about a variety of careers, helping them connect what they are learning today to possibilities for their future motivating them to create career goals.

  • Health & Wellness: We help students develop healthy habits through athletics and nutrition couple with dance fitness classes. We are focused on the health and wellness of our students during the COVID-19 shutdowns to in which many students can’t get out of the house for exercise.

  • Top Chef: In collaboration with TikTok we offer students online cooking instruction to both ignite a passion for nutrition and to create a potential career pathway for their success.

  • Sign Language: We offer sign language for our students to communicate with our ASAS NJ students who are non-verbal and attend Bruce Street Elementary School. Before the shelter-in-place, ASAS NJ offered free sign-language classes on Wednesday evenings for parents and community members. This program remains available for our parents, students, and community.

  • Every Friday: Students participate in “Freestyle Friday” that incorporates dance parties, Fortnight gatherings and cyber scavenger hunts.

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