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Our Commitment to your Security
After-School All-Stars wants to ensure that you, as a user of our website, feel secure and comfortable with the data and information you share with us. We do not take your privacy lightly and we thank you for trusting us as we handle all website users data carefully and responsibly.

What Information is Collected by After-School All-Stars?
We collect personal information when you voluntarily submit it to us through web forms, for instance, by signing up to receive email updates. Upon signing up to receive communications from After-School All-Stars, a donor or website user may provide us personal information (such as name, address, email address, and more) –– providing data is required in these contexts in order for us to process donations, requests or respond to inquiries. Voluntary data input like this is provided through web from processing tools, through services such as Pardot, iATS, and MobileCause.

In addition to the personal information that you submit to us, we may collect information about you from , or automatically collect information using the following technologies:

Web Server Logs. Our web servers may collect certain information such as IP address, pages visited, time of visits, and referring website.

Cookies. Cookies are text files stored by your web browser, that provide a method of distinguishing among different website users across different sessions. After-School All-Stars uses cookies to identify your browser as you visit pages on the After-School All-Stars website. The information you provide voluntarily through web forms may be associated with cookies. As a result, cookies allow After-School All-Stars to provide more relevant, targeted content for each user across sessions. In addition to cookies created from our website, you may also be subject to the cookies found on 3rd party services, including MobileCause, iATS, Pardot, and other data collection services required for a specific need – such as event registration, volunteer sign up forms, donation payment processing, and more.

Tracking Pixels & Analytics Tracking Code. Our website uses tracking code on our pages to provide user session data to 3rd party services, for analysis and reporting. These services may often use cookie data. Through such tracking mechanisms, we use Google Analytics and Pardot to better understand our website users and how they engage with our site — so we can continue to deliver them an excellent experience. We use Facebook Pixel Tracking and Google Ads to improve and analyze our efforts to reach out to new supporters and donors. Like with cookies, you may be subject to similar tracking code found on 3rd party services we link to from our website.

How Do We Use and Share Information?
We collect information primarily to accept donations and provide you with information concerning our programs and events. We also use information for internal purposes (to better understand our supporter network) and for analytical purposes (to improve our website, donor base, and outreach). We may inform you of other purposes at the time that we collect some forms of information. For example, if you apply for a job we may collect information in order to process your job application.

We do not trade, share, or sell information that you provide to us with any other

Your Access to Your Data
If you would like additional information regarding the data that we received from you, you may contact us at the email or mailing addresses provided at the end of this .

If you registered to receive communications from us and later change your mind, you may ask that your name and contact information be removed from our distribution list. You can send such a request to the email or mailing addresses at the end of this policy. Additionally, an unsubscribe option is included in all email communications sent from After-School All-Stars.

Additional Information
Behavioral Advertising. We may participate in behavioral-based advertising. This means that a third party may use technology (e.g., a cookie or tracking pixel) to collect information about your use of our website, so that they can provide advertising about causes, promotions and offers tailored to your s. That advertising may appear either on our website, or on other websites, such as Facebook and Google.

Use of links: Our website may contain links to other Web sites. Please note that when you click on one of these links, you are entering another site that is governed by that site’s privacy policy.

Statement subject to change: We may modify this privacy policy from time to time. Our Development and Marketing teams review this statement quarterly and make necessary updates. If you have any questions about these updates, or your data, please contact us:

[email protected]
(323) 938-3232
145 S. Fairfax Avenue Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90036

Effective: February 2020