Leila Hormozi

Co-founder, Gym Launch

Leila Hormozi

Leila Hormozi is an American entrepreneur who Co-Founded Gym Launch with her husband Alex Hormozi. Leila is credited with building a company valued at over 9-figures by the age of 27.

Leila was introduced to fitness at the young age of 14 when her mother started going to the gym and underwent a transformation. Feeling inspired, Leila decided to try it out and after one session she was hooked. For the next few years she dabbled in running, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and obstacle course racing, to find her sweet spot. Having had a taste of the fitness industry, she set out to go to school for exercise science at Western Michigan University. Her passion however quickly turned to human behavior, and the science behind internal and external transformations. When she realized that partying with her classmates wasn’t getting her closer to her goals, Leila poured herself into her studies and the gym, building strong habits that would later contribute to her success.

After graduating, Leila examined the options and quickly realized the traditional employment route didn’t excite or inspire her. She set off to California where she planned to start something for herself.

Her travels landed her as a trainer in gyms where she laid the foundation of skills she excels at today. Sales, leadership, and management quickly became her focus, and she set her sites on one day owning her own business, although she still did know what it would be.

Leila met Alex in 2016 when both were head down working to build their own businesses. They quickly realized they were not just great partners in their personal lives, but also in business. Leila made the pivotal decision to join Alex in his endeavor, and she never looked back.

Alex and Leila now own 2 companies both valued at over 9-figures, and are continuing to expand their product/service offerings. Leila has become known for her skills in leadership and management, and is frequently called upon by other business owners for her wisdom.