Alex Hormozi

Co-founder, Gym Launch

Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi is an American entrepreneur and businessman who founded Gym Launch in 2017. He expanded his portfolio by launching a concurring business (Prestige Labs) in 2019 that leveraged his existing client base to scale rapidly.

Alex became captivated by fitness and body building in his teens. A mentor stayed after school with him, guiding him through the principles of lifting and healthy living, and it remained a passion for him throughout college and into his early career. He graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Strategy, and went on to spend several years consulting for government agencies.

Realizing this line of work wasn’t fulfilling, Hormozi then packed everything he owned and traveled across the country to open the first of 6 gyms he would eventually own. He struggled through his first launch in one of the most competitive locations to own a gym in the country, sleeping on his gyms floor because he was unable to afford the rent of a place to live. Eventually, he began adding $10k/mo to his revenue and developed systems and practices that were consistent and repeatable.

Around this time, he was approached by other gym owners asking how he was able to not only survive, but thrive in a high competition area, with a low margin business. While everybody else was going out of business, he was buying up their gyms and implementing his systems to scale rapidly. He quickly recognized an opportunity to help existing gym owners by sharing everything he had learned in his experience. Gym Launch was born, and it didn’t take long for that business to take off.

In the early stages of Gym Launch, Alex met Leila and the two began seeing each other. It wasn’t long before Leila joined Alex in his project and the two began traveling from gym to gym, helping the owners build more sustainable businesses. 13 months into their relationship, and countless obstacles, Alex and Leila made the decision to get married. Gym Launch continued to grow to over $24M/yr without any outside investments, and growing to over 40 employees. Within 2 years, Gym Launched had serviced more than 2000 gyms, and made over 37 millionaires out of gym owners. Alex reinvested everything back into a second business that would further support the same clients: Prestige Labs. Prestige Labs began as a supplement company, but quickly grew into another product line. In 2019, PL launched DFYM (Done For You Meals) which are pre-packaged meals that are USDA approved, and delivered right to clients’ doorsteps. Alex’s vision was to give gym owners the tools to not only get their clients better results, but also to make the gym owners more money through commissions.

Alex and Leila have given over $1,000,000 away to charities supporting youth and education.

Alex and Leila currently live in Austin, TX with their cat, Bill