All-Star University 2020


University of Southern CaliforniaJUNE 22, 2020 – JUNE 26, 2020

"What I like most about ASAS is that it helps me believe in myself. It teaches me it is okay to make mistakes but never give up."
"Being an All-Star has taught me the value of commitment and that has made me a better daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin and niece. "
"What I learned most at ASLU was my story means something. I cannot choose where I come from, but it’s my choice as to where I’m going to go. My story is what makes me, me."
2018-2019 YAB
2018-2019 YAB
Deandre B. - New Jersey
2019-2020 YAB

What is All-Star Leadership University?

ASLU is a 4-day retreat that will empower you to get in touch with your vision, voice, and desired impact as a leader in your community while having fun, creating new memories, and connecting to new people and places! By spending 4 days away from home on a college campus with your peers and gaining hands-on leadership experiences, you’ll learn to name and identify your strengths and growth areas as a leader. 

You’ll plan, execute, and debrief your learning and social activities to think about how to execute a passion project of your choosing to positively impact your community. As you connect with the power and importance of your voice, you’ll identify major events, people, and lessons in your life that have impacted you and author those events into your own personal narrative. By telling and listening to each other’s stories, you’ll build bonds, friendships, empathy, and understanding with your peers.  

Rest assured, adult mentors will be there to coach, challenge, and cheer you on in love and support! All adult mentors are committed to service, leadership, and advocacy. 


All-Star Leadership University (ASLU) is a Youth Leadership Retreat where we bring together All-Star Student Leaders from across the United States to EXPERIENCE applying their strengths as leaders, BUILD FRIENDSHIPS and CONNECTIONS, and MAKE AN IMPACT in their community.

• Self-Leadership – Personal Leadership Strengths & Style
• Leadership with Others – Team Building & Collaboration
• Leading in Our Community – Serve and Advocate

• What is a need or threat in my community?
• What are my skills and passions?
• How can I use my skills and passions to help serve my community?

• Learn to Share Your Own Voice and Story
• Lead Activities and Games that Build Teams
• Challenge Yourself and Celebrate Success
• Experience Los Angeles with new friends

• Be a Leader at Your Program in Your Home City
• Plan Projects, Activities, and Events
• Represent youth voice for After-School All-Stars

the role of adult mentors

The adult mentor is responsible for supporting both the Rising YAB Member and the Returning YAB Mentor in completing the steps to prepare and attend ASLU, acting as a chaperone at ALSU, and building and running a local YAB team at their All-Star Site. While attending ASLU, they will receive training and support on how to fulfill all their mentor responsibilities.

• Assist the YAB Selection and Preparation Process
• Participate in YAB and Adult Mentor calls
• Receive, distribute, and complete all applications and forms

• Support your YABs, receive mentor training, and chaperone 
• Accompany YABS to ASLU  
• Provide safety and supervision for your YABs
• Debrief your YABs experience throughout ASLU

• Provide Structure and Opportunity for the YAB “Year of Service”
• Champion logistics and support for YAB Service Project
• Form a local YAB team that meets monthly
• Participate in National/Regional YAB Calls
• Create Opportunities for Youth Voice, Choice, and Leadership in your sites,    chapter, and communities

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Scholars will lead and participate in activities that foster leadership, connection, student voice and choice. They will also engage in some campus activities and at least one field trip.

A packing list will be sent to the email used for registration a few weeks prior to ASLU.

We ask that no parents attend ASLU. This is an opportunity for your child to independently learn new things about themselves and others. Your child will be chaperoned by adults who have completed background checks and been trained prior to the event. Additionally, there is daily allotted time for you and your child to be in contact.

A good number of ASLU participants have cited ASLU as their first time flying. Our request is for families to not attend, fly with, and/or stay at a nearby hotel during ASLU to allow for the students and staff to experience ASLU independently. Families can stay in contact with their school’s ASAS staff to be informed of travel times and logistics.

A daily schedule will be sent out by the end of May.

Please make us aware of those medical concerns during the ASLU registration. Medications should accompany your child and will be collected by our staff upon sign-in at ASLU. All medicines will be labeled and kept in a secure location and a member of our training staff will dispense them as required.

Absolutely! The daily schedule will assist you in determining the times in which your child is available to connect with you.

Yes. There will be at least one adult chaperone for every two children and youth will be supervised at all times. There will be security officers in the dorm in which we are staying as well as 24-hour campus security.

Nothing! ASLU is completely free for your child. Travel, lodging, and meals will be covered by ASAS. Your child can bring spending money if desired.

After ASLU, your child will serve and represent their chapter on the National Youth Advisory Board until June 2021. They will engage in a Year of Service in which they will lead, plan, and execute a local service project. Your child may be asked to travel and/or participate in additional youth leadership activities.

Your commitment as a parent is to support your child in attending and participating in ASAS during the 2020-2021 school year. Their attendance in program is crucial to the planning and execution of their passion project. Your commitment also includes your support in allowing your child to participate in additional youth leadership activities that may be outside of the ASAS hours as well as outside of their immediate community.



You should send your chapter’s Returning YAB who attended ASLU in 2019, a Rising YAB who will commit to the 2020-2021 Year of Service, and an employee Adult Mentor who is committed to mentoring and coaching the YAB during the Year of Service.

 Please just send the Rising YAB and adult mentor.

It is helpful for the adult mentor and YAB to know one another because they will be traveling together. However, it is not required. The adult mentor can seize this opportunity to create connection with the YAB.

Due to contractual agreements, our rooms are limited. We ask that all Returning YABs, Rising YABs, and Adult Mentors register first. Once we have confirmed numbers, we will be able to address the desire for chapters to send additional students/staff.

Yes, you should have been included in a meeting with either Jeff Miller or Melissa Beech. If you have not had that opportunity, please reach out to either to schedule your orientation.

A packing list will be sent to the email used for registration a few weeks prior to ASLU.

The chapter pays for the hours worked by the employee who you send as the adult mentor. Please note there is potential for the employee to incur overtime due to the travel days. Travel, lodging, and meals will be covered by National for one Returning YAB, one Rising YAB, and one Adult Mentor.

There will be a student and adult mentor training track. Both groups will participate in activities and workshops that will engage them in reflection, leadership, debriefing, and mentorship. Students and mentors will have opportunities to plan, lead, and share with the group. 

Chapters need to execute the application, selection, and registration process.

After ASLU, your rising YAB will serve and represent your chapter on the National Youth Advisory Board until June 2021. They will engage in a Year of Service in which they will lead, plan, and execute a local service project. They may be asked to travel and/or participate in additional youth leadership activities. The adult mentor is expected to support and coach your YAB through these projects and activities. They will engage in a monthly YAB call to connect with YABs across the network, share experiences, and give/receive updates about their passion projects.