Letter from President & Chairman

Dear Friends

We keep them safe. Learn together. Explore careers. Try new things. Bond. Mentor. Exercise. Play. At ASAS, we do all these things – and we do even more: we prepare our students to find jobs they love and build the skills that will match the jobs of the future. We strive to figure out what 6th graders today will need to know to enter the workforce ten years from now. To do this, we ask a myriad of questions, including:

What are employers telling us they need? Employers are calling for skilled, qualified graduates. But the definition of “skilled” isn’t limited to hard/technical skills. A recent study of Google’s top talent by Project Oxygen found that soft skills were the most coveted. They found that top performers communicate and listen well, have empathy, are critical thinkers, and make connections across complex ideas – and this is what employers are looking for across the board.

How are our alums succeeding? Our alums consistently talk about the mentors they encountered. These caring adults didn’t just coach their jump shots or introduce them to robotics, but helped them navigate the tumultuous waters of middle school and build a strong emotional backbone.

In this report, you’ll encounter Olivia and Malia, current students who are working with ASAS staff to build lifelong social-emotional fitness. Ti’Andre and Ashley, two alum, share how the strong relationships they built gave them the courage to follow their passions: Ti’Andre is now a police officer who brings tremendous empathy to his job, and Ashley, who returned to ASAS and advocates for youth like herself.

Our work is about so much more than simply keeping a student safe and productive. It’s about building up students to make positive decisions; to foster meaningful relationships; to find self-motivation to succeed academically and in the real world; and to lead, serve and advocate. Our new digital annual report will allow you to see their faces, hear their voices, empathize with their struggles, and celebrate their wins.

We want to thank our board and founders, our many partners, our dedicated staff in the field every day, our volunteers and supporters who share our mission on social media. But mostly, we want to celebrate our students for their incredible spirit, who are the reason we get up every day and fight for them.

Now, we invite you to scroll down and discover why we all #i❤️Afterschool.


Paul Wachter Signature Paul Wachter

Ben Paul SignatureBen Paul
President & CEO

Data + Demographics
Our Footprint

ASAS serves low-income, at-risk youth at Title 1 schools in cities across the country.

  • Our Students

    • 52% Female
    • 48% Male
  • School Level

    • 28% Elementary (K-4)
    • 62% Middle (5-8)
    • 10% High (9-12)
  • Our Student Chart

    82% Of Our Students Qualify For A Free Or Discounted Lunch Program

  • Diversity

    • 52% Latino/a
    • 31% African American/Black
    • 9% Caucasian
    • 5% Asia American/Pacific-Islander
    • 3% Other
    • 53
    • 379
    • 19
    • 13
    • 73,388

Data + Demographics
National Organization

Student Stories
Stories In Motion


Our Partner
Fox Sports

Socially investing in the future of the industry and community elevates FOX Sports Networks in a competitive landscape.

Our Partners

  • Fox Sports

    For most industries, the bottom line is the ultimate decision maker. But socially investing in the future of both the industry and at community elevates FOX Sports Networks (FSN) in this hyper-competitive landscape. Across the country, students have gone behind-the-scenes in FSN production trucks where they supported staff during live broadcasts and toured stadiums and studios, where they’ve been exposed to sports broadcasting careers. FSN staff have spoken on career panels, served as board members and produced countless in-game hits and PSAs.

    It takes a visionary leader to understand that this investment of time and talent pays big dividends. As President of FOX Sports Regional Networks, Jeff Krolick says,
    “It’s our role as business leaders to ensure a sustainable future for our industry and our nation. Through this partnership, we bolster our employees’ enthusiasm for the working at FSN and enable them to share it with kids. The next President of FOX Sports might be an All-Star. We need to cultivate and nurture budding talent by sharing our time, talents and resources. It’s good business sense.”

Data + Demographics
Kids Served


Our Mission

After-School All-Stars (ASAS) provides comprehensive
after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and life.

Our Vision

Our vision is for our All-Stars to be safe and healthy, to graduate high school and go to college, to find careers they love and then give back to their communities.


Our Partners
Harris Family

What does one of the world’s most successful businessmen say is the key to success? The answer may surprise you.

Our Partners

  • HARRIS Family

    What does one of the world’s most successful businessmen and billionaires say is the key to success? The answer may surprise you. Josh Harris – private equity giant and principal owner/managing partner of the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers – attributes much of his success in life to lessons learned during his days as a high school and college wrestler. Now Harris and his wife, Marjorie, are working with ASAS to help provide similar opportunities to youth across the country.

    Parents of five children, Josh and Marjorie understand the importance of after-school programming in teaching big life lessons such as leadership, teamwork, and perseverance. “Kids get to play basketball and other sports, but also we sneak in a little bit of homework and good eating, and science and math,” explains Josh at an After-School All-stars basketball clinic. “I think it’s really important to feel that we’re making a difference and giving back to the community,” adds Marjorie. “It’s not just about owning a team – it’s about what it does for people.”

    Over the last two years, the Harris Family Charitable Foundation has supported ASAS’ expansion throughout the northeast, helping us open new sites in Camden and Newark,

  • NJ, and Philadelphia, PA – all cities tied to the Harrises’ sports teams. Additionally, the foundation has supported ASAS’ national capacity to operate high-quality programs, including funding the expansion of our evaluation efforts, as the Harrises are staunch advocates of results-driven philanthropy.

    Thank you, Josh and Marjorie Harris, for your commitment to the cities of Camden, Newark, and Philadelphia, and to supporting ASAS’ work to build the next generation of leaders, both on and off the court!

Student Stories
Tales Of Success

Student Stories


By day, a student and by night, a police officer. Ti’Andre Bellinger serves one of Miami’s roughest neighborhoods, Model City, not coincidentally, the same community where he grew up. On a given night cruising through the area, Ti’Andre responds to calls ranging from stabbings, gunshots, and domestic violence to loud music and people that just need to talk. "It’s a great opportunity to serve the area where I grew up. Unfortunately, ‘crime never gets old’ and when it comes, it comes in sevens, he reflects.

Ti’Andre says ASAS changed the trajectory of his life and “taught me to be myself.” Ti’Andre was full of attitude and anger said his mentor, friend, and Executive Director, Sean Prospect. “With ASAS, he found [that] poetry and spoken word was huge for him.” Ti’Andre turned his “don’t mess with me” attitude into one his teachers used when they talked about a true role model. Today, Bellinger attends Miami Dade College and plans to transfer once he completes his AA in Political Science. Ti’Andre’s role as a police officer and memories of being African-American boy growing up in a community where the police were perceived more often as foe rather than friend give him a unique lens with which to see the role of modern law enforcement. "We need to bridge the gap between community and the police. A step would be for the community to earn the respect of the police and the police to earn the respect of the community. I believe that can happen.” To that end, Ti’Andre rides with the windows down and “when I ride up on someone, I say ‘Hello, how was your day?' When I’m handling a call, I try to make friends with the children and connect with them; I always try to make the experience they have with me different from what they had before."

Ti’Andre is going places. He’s planning to attend law school and pursue a career in politics. "God willing, I’m going to run as the president of the United States of America." Most importantly, he has the skills and support system to accomplish his goals. "I won’t stop because it’s never over."

Student Stories


No one should have to worry about having clean drinking water, according to Malia. Alarmed by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, the 8th grade entrepreneur and future Theoretical Particle Physicist rallied her fellow peers in the Community Leaders program to get behind this cause, which was inspired by her own participation as a National Youth Advisory Board Member. She inspired her peers, leveraged resources and partnered with the Master Chef class to host a bake sale fundraiser to help address the water crisis. In addition, she ensured the donation was made in time to secure a match by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. Malia explains her personal growth in ASAS, “I used to be such a recluse and stay in my room all day, but now I feel like doing everything and I’m loving every moment of it!” Ready to take on life, Malia’s grassroots activism reminds us that we all have the power to make a positive impact.


Our Partners

Mondelez International Foundation is committed to helping ASAS instill life-long healthy habits. One of the best ways to instill these habits begins with a sense of culinary adventurousness. Enter kale…

Our Partners

  • Mondelez

    Kale, sautéed with olive oil, with a dash of lemon juice to brighten things up, has been the dark horse on the ASAS culinary scene. Trepidation is quickly replaced with delight as students discover the pleasures of fresh produce expertly prepared. For many All-Stars, this is their first experience tasting truly fresh produce and sampling new dishes. And it’s the students themselves that are calling the shots in the kitchen. In a farm to table approach, they’re growing tomatoes, zucchini, corn, eggplants, and herbs and utilizing their home-grown produce as they master healthy cooking techniques and nutrition lessons as part of a nationwide initiative. “I like cooking class because we make all different sorts of food—we make vegan foods, we make healthy foods, and learn how to make things from scratch instead of out of a box, like ice cream. I like it because it helps me find different ways to try new foods, and I can cook some of them at home, like fried rice and smoothies.” – Zackery


  • Support At The Summit

    ASAS co-hosted the National Afterschool Summit in partnership with the Schwarzenegger Institute, Mott Foundation and Afterschool Alliance to protect the critical Federal 21CCLC after-school funding.

    With 500 leaders from 50 states in attendance, this high-profile national event was a great opportunity for the cause to take center stage and for ASAS to truly shine. One of the many powerful messages from Arnold at the summit: “Why would [he] want to balance the budget on the backs of kids? Kids are the most vulnerable citizens.”

    Arnold, along with many other notable donors and supporters, used this platform to spread further knowledge about the benefits of afterschool programs on our nation’s youth. After our summit the Federal budget increased after-school funding for this year.

    Donate Today

  • Arnold at Summit Arnold and Van Jones


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  • Atlanta

    Atlanta All-Stars celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day with FOX Sports South female employees with a career discussion and office tour that exposed the young women to the diversity of careers available to them in sports broadcasting.

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    • 3,253
    • 22
    • 96%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Bay Area

    ASAS Bay Area empowers students to link their education to opportunities and explore design education in college, career and life. We focus our work on 21st century workforce readiness in STEAM-related fields to realize the vision of creating a more diverse community of designers in technology.

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    • 120
    • 1
    • 89%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Chicago

    ASAS Chicago hosts "Field Trip Fridays" for our students with perfect attendance Monday -Thursday. Field trips are actually CEO visits that connect All-Stars with community leaders and role models from government, business, and the nonprofit sectors to learn 21st century workplace skills. In FY17, ASAS Chicago students visited Big Ten Network, Fifth Third Bank, Havas International, News America Marketing, RSM Professional Services, and Salesforce.

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    • 34,185
    • 164
    • 81%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Cleveland

    As part of our STEM programming, focuses on mobile apps and gave our students the opportunity to excel in a project-based environment. Toni, an 8th grade girl, took first place in the app design competition for her app designed to promote healthy eating via matching a user’s favorite snack with a complementary healthy topping.

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    • 211
    • 2
    • 85%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Columbus

    Over 50 middle-school students from Ohio and Texas participated in ASAS Ohio’s CampUs at The Ohio State University during the summer. They toured colleges, lived in the dorms, met professionals during nightly career panels, and completed a community service project. All-Stars left CampUs feeling excited, empowered, and confident about their futures.

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    • 645
    • 5
    • 85%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Hawaii

    Hawaii All-Stars participate in a variety of sports leagues/competitions to hone their sporting skills, sportsmanship and to prepare them for High School Athletics. Leagues and competitions include baseball, basketball, bocceball, cross-country, football (flag and contact), rugby, soccer, softball, volleyball and wrestling. Even Hawaii Governor Ige comes to support the All-Stars.

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    • 2,137
    • 11
    • 77%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Las Vegas

    Thousands of students have been able to participate in outdoor learning through the various field trips to the Grand Canyon, Mt. Stirling Wilderness Study Area, Gold Butte National Monument, Muddy Mountains Wilderness, Arrow Canyon Wilderness, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, Red Rock National Conservation Area and other National Conservation Lands.

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    • 5,254
    • 15
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  • Los Angeles

    13 year-old Janell is ASAS-LA’ 2017-2018 Youth Advisory Board Representative! Inducted early this year, her agenda includes raising awareness, implementing service projects for homelessness, human trafficking and health & wellness - causes which are important to her and her peers.

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    • 14,000
    • 52
    • 88%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • New Jersey

    New Jersey All-Stars showing their love for after-school during a day of wilderness adventures and hikes.

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    • 509
    • 5
    • 74%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • New York

    All-Star Zuri A. showcasing her Lights on After School lightbulb describing why she loved after-school with Program Leader, Rich.

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    • 1,019
    • 4
    • 88%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • North Texas

    North Texas All-Star is working on learning how to DJ with her instructor in her favorite After-School class.

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    • 564
    • 5
    • 100%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Orlando

    With our recent expansion into high school, our year round comprehensive programs now serve over 3,600 students annually. This past year, both 100% of the 8th grade students and 100% of the 12th grade students we serve successfully graduated.

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    • 3,656
    • 13
    • 82%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Philadelphia and Camden

    ASAS Philadelphia and Camden and the Harris Family Charitable Foundation were joined by dozen of students, a handful of teachers, and local dignitaries to announce and celebrate the launch of programs in Camden.

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    • 261
    • 3
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  • Puget Sound

    All-Stars exhibit their skills in blending music that they learned in DJ class during a live performance.

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    • 226
    • 1
    • 63%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • San Antonio

    San Antonio All-Stars hone in on their reading comprehension and listening skills during academic power hour.

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    • 2,986
    • 32
    • 92%
      Free and Reduced-Price Lunch (FRPL)
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  • South Florida

    All-Stars take advantage of the warm weather and year-round sunshine to grow herbs and seasonal vegetables, which they then use in cooking class, take home to their families, and prepare and serve to the school community at culminating events.

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    • 3,651
    • 36
    • 53%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Tampa

    ASAS Tampa Bay combats summer learning loss by providing seven weeks of summer programming, including project-based learning, swimming lessons, dance, cooking, sports, art and more! The summer program theme took students on a journey to all of the world’s continents; learning customs, geographic features, economics and cultural characteristics.

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    • 557
    • 4
    • 100%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Toledo

    Added ASAS Toledo students attended a week-long Summer Camp at Toledo Metroparks where they learned new skills like fishing, canoeing, viewed native species, and nature exploration.

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    • 645
    • 3
    • 88%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Washington, D.C.

    ASAS D.C.’s drumline performs at the Black History Month at Heart Middle School. Their hearts beat to the beat of their own drums.

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    • 612
    • 5
    • 93%
      Federal Free Reduced Lunch
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  • Our Supporters

    A Big Thank You

    We would like to express our deep gratitude for the financial support we receive from hundreds of organizations, companies, and individuals. These people and entities understand the importance of after-school programs for our nation’s youth, and through their support have become amabassadors for everything After-School All-Stars does.

    Thank you for all you do! You make this important work possible.

    Kids With Mannequin
  • 2 Kids Playing 4 Kids With Balls


Thanks To All Our Supporters

  • California Department of Education
  • City of Orlando
  • Florida Department of Education
  • Georgia Department of Human Services
  • Hawaii State Department of Education
  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  • New York Life Foundation
  • NYC Department of Youth and Community Development
  • Orange County Public Schools
$500,000 - $999,999
  • City of San Antonio
  • Marcus Foundation, The
  • Ohio Governor's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
$100,000 - $499,999
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation
    • Bret & Paula Morrison
    • Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
    • City & County of Honolulu
    • City of Atlanta Centers of Hope
    • CNCS Americorps Volunteer Florida
    • Diana Davis Spencer Foundation
    • District of Columbia Public Schools
    • Dylan Jones
    • Edgar Sargsyan
    • Fox Sports Network
    • Harris Family Charitable Foundation, The
    • Hawaii P-20
    • Internet Association, The
    • JCPenney Foundation, The
    • Kamehameha Schools
    • Mark Cuban
    • McInerny Foundation
    • Mike & Mickala Sisk
    • Mondelēz International Foundation
    • New Jersey Department of Education
    • Newark Public Schools
    • News Corp
    • Office of Hawaiian Affairs
    • Office of the State Superintendent of Education DC
    • OMAZE
    • Paul Wachter
    • Pennsylvania Department of Education
    • Scott & Miriam Cawthon
    • SeaWorld Orlando
    • Teza Technologies, LLC.
    • T-Mobile MetroPCS
    • United Way of Greater Los Angeles
    • United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
    • United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
    • United Way of New York
    • Universal Orlando
    • Walt Disney Company
    • Weingart Foundation
    • Westime
    • Whitehead Foundation, The
    • Windsong Trust
$50,000 - $99,999
    • Aloha United Way
    • Anonymous
    • Beat the Streets
    • BSA, The Software Alliance
    • City of Los Angeles
    • CNCS Americorps DC
    • Costco Wholesale Corporation
    • Dr. Johnny Hon
    • Dr. Phillips Center for Children and Families
    • Edgewood ISD
    • Edison International
    • Edvin Ovasapyan
    • Fifth Third Bank
    • Glenn Twiddle & Naomi Twyford
    • Hawaii Community Foundation
    • Horizon Foundation for New Jersey, The
    • Lenfest Foundation
    • Lucas County Department of Jobs and Family Services
    • Mammoth
    • Nancy C. & Richard R. Rogers
    • Oakland Unified School District
    • Philip's Academy Charter School
    • Prevent Cancer Foundation
    • Sanford Harmony
    • Siemens
    • Susan Crown Exchange
    • Timothy Ferriss
    • Todd Wagner Foundation
    • Werner Family Foundation
$10,000 - $49,999
    • Achievement First Brownsville Middle School
    • Adir International (Curaco)
    • Adobe Foundation
    • Alan Reyf
    • American Express Foundation
    • Amy Moynihan
    • Annie Duke
    • Anthem Foundation
    • Arborretum
    • AT&T
    • Audemars Piguet
    • AvalonBay Communities
    • Avrum & Lauren Elmakis
    • Bank of America
    • Barry and Renee Honing Charitable Foundation
    • Ben & Tracy Lange
    • Benjamin Shabtai
    • Blair Speers
    • Brad Pyatt
    • Branden & Stephanie Hampton
    • CAA Foundation
    • Campbell Soup Foundation
    • Carlsmith Ball
    • CBS EcoMedia
    • Cellular USA Inc.
    • Chicago Bulls Community Assist Fund, a McCormick Foundation fund
    • Children Mending Hearts
    • City National Bank
    • Clark Winchcole Foundation
    • Clay & Lisa Cooley
    • Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation
    • Con Edison
    • Content Partners, LLC.
    • Cornerstone
    • Dallas Stars Foundation
    • Dan Fleyshman
    • Daniel Marshall
    • Daniel Nir & Jill E Braufman
    • David A. Fuss
    • David Maisel
    • DeWayne Zinkin Sr.
    • Dhanji Family Foundation, The
    • Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
    • Easton Community Foundation of the Columbus Foundation
    • Ethan Ruby
    • Europa Sports Product
    • Fabian Nunez
    • Farshad Fardad
    • Fischer
    • Ford Motor Company Fund
    • Gannett Foundation
    • Giant Foods
    • Gina & Ken Betts
    • Ginkgo Investment
    • Git Lab, The
    • Global Credit Advisers, LLC
    • Glory Investment INC
    • Graham & Elizabeth Weston
    • GreenGale Publishing
    • Haggar
    • Hawaii Pacific Health
    • Hearst Foundation
    • Heart of Florida United Way
    • HEI Charitable Foundation
    • HMSA
    • Hollywood Events Pty Ltd
    • Hollywood Imprints
    • Home Team Sports
    • Ingram-White Castle Foundation
    • Iris Smith
    • Jackson National Community Fund
    • Jane Macon
    • Jean and William K.H. Mau Foundation
    • Jeff & Janine Yass
    • Jeff Beacher
    • Jimmy John & Leslie Liautaud
    • Joe Hernandez
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    • Klemens Hallmann
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    • Locations Foundation
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    • Mary Alice and Bennett Brown Foundation
    • Matt Podraza
    • Mazda Foundation
    • McLean Contributionship
    • MEAD Family Foundaton
    • Mercy Lab
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    • NatGeo Fine Art
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    • OUC
    • Paul & Margo Folino
    • Pepco
    • Pinkerton Foundation
    • PSEG Foundation
    • Randall Emmett
    • Rees-Jones Foundation, The
    • Reinberger Foundation, The
    • Rémy Cointreau USA
    • Robb Report
    • Rodney Cohen
    • ROEM Development Corporation
    • Russell & Karen Goldsmith
    • Sabrina K Charitable (Fremont College)
    • San Antonio Area Foundation
    • Sandy Springs Education Force
    • Sean Posner
    • Sergio Rizzuto
    • Siemer Family Foundation
    • Soles4Souls
    • Starbucks Foundation
    • Steven & Debbie Weiss
    • Steven Stodghill
    • Sullivan Properties
    • Swayne Family Foundation
    • Tai Lopez
    • Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc
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    • Tiquana Flats / Just-in-Quesso Foundation
    • TJX Companies, Inc
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    • Torani
    • United Way of the National Capital Area
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    • Walter Lantz Foundation
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    • White Orchid Holding Co.
    • WorldVison
$5,000 - $9,999
    • A Place Called Home
    • AirForce One Discovery Center
    • Allen Hilles Fund
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    • Central Pacific Bank
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    • Chris Maragno/Affliate w Miami Heat
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  • Leadership
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    • Ben Paul

      Ben Paul

      President & Ceo

    • Emily Ausbrook

      Emily Ausbrook

      Chief Marketing Officer

    • Jennifer Berry

      Jennifer Berry

      Chief Operating Officer

    • Aaron Philip Dworkin

      Aaron Philip Dworkin

      President, National Network

    • Carlos Santini

      Carlos Santini

      Executive Vice President of Programs

  • Leadership
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    • Founder & Honorary Chair
      Arnold Schwarzenegger
      38th Governor of The State Of California
    • Chairman
      Paul Wachter
      President & CEO | Main Street Advisors
    • President & Ceo
      Ben Paul
      President & CEO | After-School All-Stars
    • Treasurer
      Laura DiMaggio, C.P.A.
      Partner | Nigro, Karlin, Segal, Feldstein & Bolno, LLP.
    • Secretary
      Scott Galer
      Partner | Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP
    • Michael Beckerman
      President & CEO
      The Internet Association
    • Brett Brewer
      CrossCut Ventures
    • Maverick Carter
      CEO , LRMR Marketing
    • Rodney Cohen
      Managing Director
      The Carlyle Group
    • August DiRenzo
      Vice Chairman, Brokerage
      Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
    • Annie Duke
      Author, Public Speaker
    • John F. Ghingo
      President, WhiteWave Foods
    • Mark Groussman
      Managing Member, Bull Hunter, LLC
    • Chris Hannan
      Executive Vice President, Sales WME/IME
    • Daniel L. Hernandez
      CEO & President,
      Hollenbeck Youth Center
    • Tim Hepplewhite
      Sr. Director, Strategy & Transformation North America Mondelēz International, Inc.
    • Amy M. Heyward
      Partner, A Squared
    • Omar Johnson
      Founder & CEO
    • Tom Keys
      President & COO MetroPCS
    • Jane Macon
      Siebert Financial
    • Chris O’Shaughnessy
      Partner, Hahn Loeser
      & Parks LLP
    • Michael Reinsdorf
      President & COO
      Chicago Bulls
    • Bonnie Reiss
      Global Director
      USC Schwarzenegger Institute
    • Joseph Schlater
      Director of Business
      Standard General LP
    • Mark Silverman
      President, National Networks FOX Sports
    • John Simonian
      Founder, Westime
    • John Tighe
      President, Peerless Clothing International
    • Tom Werner
      Owner, Good Humor TV
      Chairman, Boston Red Sox
  • Leadership
    Evaluation Board

    • Tiffany Berry, Ph.D
      Research Associate Professor, Claremont Graduate University Associate Director, Claremont Evaluation Center
      Gretchen Biesecker, Ph.D
      Principal Consultant, Bee’s Knees Consulting
      Michael K. Conn, Ph.D
      Senior Vice President, Research, Student Research Foundation
    • Barry Garst, Ph.D
      Associate Professor, Clemson University
      James Pann
      Chief Science Officer, EvalNetwork Program Professor, Nova Southeastern University
      Curtis Jones
      Senior Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Director, Socially Responsible Evaluation in Education at UWM CEO, Education Evaluation & Action
  • Leadership
    Youth Advisory Board

      E’Money K.
    • BAY AREA
      Ingrid P.
    • Chicago
      Freddie H.
    • Cleveland
      Brandan C.
    • Columbus
      Azaria F.
    • Hawaii
      Alex S.
      Elizabeth L.
    • Las Vegas
      Andrea V.
    • Los Angeles
      Janell H.
    • New Jersey
      Nylea U.
    • New York
      Zaphhire L.
    • North Texas
      Benito R.
    • Orlando
      Alexis H.
    • Philadelphia and Camden
      Ernesto C.
    • Puget Sound
      Malia C.
    • South Florida
      Youssef B.
      Carys W.
    • Tampa
      Jose O.
    • Toledo
      Olivia M.
    • Washington, DC
      De’Quan A.
  • Leadership
    Chapter Leadership

      Walter Thompson
      Executive Director

      Kirk Posmantur
      Board Chair
    • BAY AREA
      Namrata Gupta
      Executive Director

      Lisa Lucheta
      Founding Advisory Board Chair
    • Chicago
      Amy Taylor
      Executive Director
    • Cleveland
      Traci Jadlos
      Executive Director

      Tyler Chandler
      Regional Executive Director

      Justin Croniser
      Advisory Board Chair
    • Columbus
      Tracy Ensign
      Executive Director

      Christopher O'Shaughnessy
      Board Chair
    • Hawaii
      Kimi Takazawa
      Executive Director

      AJ Halagao
      Board Chair
    • Las Vegas
      Jodi Manzella
      Executive Director

      Jenna Morton
      Board Chairs
    • Los Angeles
      Ana Campos
      Executive Director

      Sabrina Kay
      Board Chair
    • New Jersey
      Nicole Harris
      Executive Director

      Jennifer Padolina
      Founding Advisory Board Member
    • New York
      Dax-Devlon Ross
      Regional Director

      Michael Schmidt
      Board Chair
    • North Texas
      Marissa Castro Mikoy
      Executive Director

      Ben Lange
      Board Chair
    • Orlando
      Tyler Chandler
      Regional Executive Director

      Dan Toffoli
      Associate Executive Director

      Colby Arrow
      Board Chair
    • Philadelphia and Camden
      Kelly Woodland
      Executive Director

      Scott Berman
      Board Chair
    • Puget Sound
      Ranna Daud
      Executive Director

      Christian Tinder
      Advisory Board Chair
    • San Antonio
      Patricia Karam
      Executive Director

      Jane Macon
      Board Chair
    • South Florida
      Sean Prospect
      Executive Director

      Carlos Saladrigas
      Board Chair
    • Tampa
      Joe Mangione
      Executive Director

      Bill Gieseking
      Board Chair
    • Toledo
      Tracy Ensign
      Executive Director

      Christopher O'Shaughnessy
      Board Chair
    • Washington, D.C.
      Daniela Grigioni
      Executive Director

      Mike O'Shaughnessy
      Board Chair


  • Annual Report Financials

    For the 2016-2017 fiscal year, After-School All-Stars’ total network operating budget was $35,417,840.00 million, with nearly $0.88 cents on every dollar going directly into programming.

  • ASAS Network Expenses

    • Program Expenses 88%
    • Administration Expenses 8%
    • Fundraising Expenses 4%

    ASAS Networking Funding

    • Government Revenue 52%
    • Foundation Revenue 19%
    • Corporate Revenue 10%
    • Event Revenue 10%
    • Indivdual Revenue 4%
    • Other 5%

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