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Our Youth Advisory Board leader, Malia, shared about her experience in ASAS Puget Sound: "I’ve learned about job opportunities, business finances, blending music, food chemistry... I feel more open to new ideas and more confident. I used to be a recluse and stay in my room all day, but now I feel like doing everything BUT that!"

  • 226
  • 1
  • 63%
    Qualify for a free or discounted lunch program


  • Black / African American 25%
  • Latino/a 24%
  • White 20%
  • Asian American / Pacific Islander26%
  • Native American / American Indian2%
  • Other3%


  • Foundation90%
  • Government1.5%
  • Corporate2%
  • Individual1.5%
  • Event4%
  • Other1%


  • 94% Program
  • 4% Administration
  • 2% Fundraising


Ranna Daud

Executive Director

Christian Tinder

Advisory Board Chair

Ranna Daud

Executive Director


Ranna Daud

Executive Director

Ranna has been with ASAS for 11 years – leading the ASAS Las Vegas chapter for several years and now as the Founding Executive Director for the ASAS Puget Sound chapter. She was born and raised in Pullman, Washington and is a proud “Coug” and alumnus of Washington State University. She enjoys being a “dog mom” to her two pit bulls.


  • Costco
  • GSK
  • Metro
  • Microsoft
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