Doing Good at Dockweiler

Edelman employees joined ASAS students to celebrate Global Youth Service Day with a beach clean-up at Dockweiler State Beach. Laura Goldman, Vice President, Strategy at Edelman, shares why she and her colleagues were inspired to give back alongside our All-Stars.

What inspired you to sign up for the beach clean-up? 

Every quarter, our Edelman LA office selects a philanthropic theme and puts together a volunteer opportunity for the office. For our education and literacy quarter, one of our colleagues coordinated with After-School All-Stars to find a rewarding volunteer opportunity for our team. The Beach Clean Up for Global Youth Service Day was the perfect opportunity. As a member of our Do-Gooders committee, I signed up along with a number of my colleagues. 

What was unexpected about the experience or something you learned at the volunteer day? 

I was really pleased to see the student participants’ level of engagement and excitement. They seemed genuinely excited to be there, which made it a more rewarding experience for the volunteers. I was also really impressed with the level of effort and organization that that After-School All-Stars team put in to make the event a success. From the pre-event communication to the day-of beach clean-up activities, everything was well thought-through and coordinated. 

Best memory from the day? 

I enjoyed chatting with the students while cleaning up the beach. They told me about the program, their studies and their ambitions. I also enjoyed talking to the After-School All Stars employees and staff, learning about the work that the organization does and the impact it has on the students involved. 

Why are after-school programs important to you? 

Ongoing budget cuts in education are a constant concern, and after-school programs are more important than ever. These programs keep students engaged and active in positive activities. They also provide resources, skills and opportunities that broaden the students’ worldview, showing them a range of possibilities for their future that they may not have previously thought possible.  

What would you stay to others that are looking to get involved or give back? 

Finding volunteer opportunities can feel overwhelming. There are so many great organizations that need help, and often, when we are busy, we feel bad if we can’t offer a significant time commitment to help out. After-School All-Stars makes it easy to get involved in many ways, no matter how much time you have available. It feels good to give back, so I’d encourage others to reach out to ASAS and see what opportunities might be coming up soon!